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 Welcome to the all-new colleendevine.com!
(No, really, we mean it this time.)

Website Relaunched


The future truly is online, a fact that becomes more clear with each day; we're re-launching because, like apparently everyone else, finding consistent, trustworthy webhosting is a nightmare. It's so aggravating, in fact, that we finally just decided to do it ourselves, and to offer it to you, since we feel your pain on this issue. (See links on this page.) You'll also find lots of information and guidance you can download and use right now, including advice on wedding planning and public speaking, with events-planning and promotion soon to come.

Want to know how you can help with local anti-crime efforts? Click on the link to Crimestoppers of North Central Iowa. Want to book a band, disc jockey, karaoke service, or small public-address system for your event? Click on the Devine Tunez link. Go shopping, too--after a few kinks in the (old) webhosting, you can now click on The Boutique and browse some really amazing merchandise. Listen to music while you shop(see link), and find gateways to other sites to inform and entertain you.

The online column has been well-received--thank you so much for your kind words and support! I'll do my best to keep it thought-provoking, relevant and entertaining, and to make the whole site a place you'll want to visit often.

Thanks again for visiting www.colleendevine.com. Stop back often!

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